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Bunkhouse Cardiff


Address: 93 St Mary St, Cardiff CF10 1DX

Access from the main street via blue/yellow door. Between Wok & Go and Nine Yards. See Street view below.

Reviews Summary

This hostel in the heart of Cardiff City Centre offers a mix of experiences for guests. Some visitors enjoyed their stay, praising the affordable price, excellent location, and friendly owner. However, others had negative encounters with the staff and faced issues like poor room arrangements, unprofessionalism, and cleanliness concerns. The hostel’s amenities, such as the WiFi and charging points, were also inconsistent. While some travelers would recommend this no-nonsense lodging for its prime location and value for money, others advise against staying here due to the disappointing experiences they encountered.


  1. Affordable pricing
  2. Prime location in the heart of Cardiff City Centre
  3. Some guests found the staff, particularly the owner Maria, to be friendly and helpful
  4. Comfy beds and clean rooms for some visitors
  5. No-nonsense lodging with basic amenities


  1. Unprofessional and sometimes rude staff
  2. Inconsistency in room arrangements and booking management
  3. Limited charging points and unreliable WiFi
  4. Poorly maintained facilities (bathroom doors, common areas)
  5. Lack of transparency in pricing and potential overbooking issues
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