Pettigrew Tea Rooms

Sandwiches, cake and tea by Jessica Alloway

Pettigrew is housed in the old west lodge at the entrance to the lovely Bute park and is named after the Head Gardener to the Third Marquess of Bute.

Pettigrew tea rooms in one of my favourite lunchtime venues. When you first step in to the tea room you are drawn in by the amazing selection of cakes that are on display. Some of the cakes look so nicely made that they almost look Artificial. THEY LOOK TOO PERFECT…If that’s possible. It’s a calm and relaxed environment, where time seems to slow down. There is always a good mix of people, old and young giving life to the place with their chatter. It just feels so British and I love it!

During colder months it’s warm and cosy inside and summer months they have a pretty outside area looking over the park and river. The décor is simple but cute, and the staff are always friendly and helpful with excellent knowledge of the menu. My go to favourite thing on the menu is the afternoon tea. You have a choice of beverage (for me this has to be English breakfast tea), finger sandwiches with choice of fillings, scone with cream and one of the best jams I have ever tasted which is followed by a huge piece of cake of which there are about 10 to choose from!! It’s super tasty but I always end up having the cake ‘to go’ as I can never finish (:… But then end up polishing off the cake on the walk home.

If you are looking for something light to eat in the city and you want to embrace some British tea culture. This is the place. One small complaint ,  If I’m going to be nit picky is some of the tables are a bit too small to accommodate the numerous plates, cups and saucers that come with the afternoon tea but it’s hardly a problem. I would also recommend booking a table if your going at peak times because it can get a little busy(:

Just in case there is any doubt. I love this place.

Oh and please forgive my spelling and grammar!


Pettigrew Tea Rooms
Bute Park & Arboretum, Castle St, Cardiff CF10 1BJ (Just down the road from the main entrance to the castle)
029 2023 5486
Just ask at reception for more details!