Got Beef?

Yes, and it was delicious. Mikey

I love burgers, they’re awesome but I’m always disappointed by what I usually get served at restaurants In Cardiff…They never quite live up to my expectations. Today, that changed!Got Beef is a Burger restaurant situated on Whitchurch Road and is one of a couple of new burger places that have sprung up in Cardiff over the past year or so.

Got Beef

Me & Jess visited at around 6pm on a Thursday afternoon so we were the only customers there when we arrived.We were greeted by a girl who handed us a menu and told us to order at the bar when we were ready..It’s a pretty relaxed set-up,with the staffmoving around in the background,there if you need them but not constantly on top of you. The kitchen is open plan so you can see your orderbeing cooked if you like. You get the feeling that this is a new place and not everything is in place just yet but I like that and it makes it more comfortable and less scripted if that makes sense.


The restaurant itself is pretty small and modern with wooden tables, faux brickwork and the widest benches I’ve ever tried to sit on. I like it and it fits the food.

Toilets have been mentioned in previous reviews and now this one does to! The toilet is weird! I’m not sure why but you walk from the modern restaurant with its clean lines and yummy smells into a toilet that looks like it’s from a showroom house. Again, I like it and it adds to the charm :) Anyway! Enough about the toilet, lets talk Burgers. There are around 7 burgers on the menu and I think they may do specials but I’m not sure.

photo 4


I opted for the Heisen Burger;

A beef patty with Blue drunken onions (I don’t know), crispy bacon & Blue Cheese. All of the burgers are served on a toasted brioche bun, like the ones on Man V Food… the shiny buns. I don’t know what makes the bun shiny but I think it makes it taste better!

Jess had the Soprano;

A Beef Patty with crispy bacon, Chorizo, Monterey jack cheese and jalapeño mayonnaise.

photo 1

On the side we had sweet potato fries & Cajun Onion rings.The burgers came on a wooden platter about 10 minutes after ordering which was awesome and they looked exactly how I think A burger Should. Big but not so big that you can’t hold it with the Juicy ingredients poking out of the shiny, shiny bun. One thing I always find when I order a burger is that the beef is under seasoned but my burger tasted perfect and the blue cheese gave it a salty kick. The onions were a bluey, green colour which was unusual but not off putting and the bacon was crisp and worked well with everything else. The Onion Rings were big, crispy and complimented by the Cajun mayo that was drizzled on Top. Sweet potato Fries were cooked to perfection and no extra sauce was needed! Actually, I think you can judge a good burger by how much ketchup you need to add to make it taste of something. The bottle of Ketchup was there on the table for me to use but it wasn’t needed. So that’s it! The best burger I’ve had in a long time and not just by default but because it was actually, really, really delicious…

photo 4 (1)

Will go back again and will recommend it to guests.

Our Total Bill for two burgers and two sides with a bottle of water & can of ginger beer came to £23.80

Sorry for any grammar mistakes. I did check , but not too much.

Got Beef
83 Whitchurch Road
029 2061 7534